Creative Caffeine

Creative Caffeine

Even when one is in the ‘business’ of creativity sometimes it can be quite difficult to muster up the spirit to create something new. So, I am sharing with you a few links that act like a triple latte to my creativity….

1. Bruno’s Art Sculpture Garden This was one of my must sees when I go on that trip to Australia – you know the trip I want to go on but can’t swing quite yet but someday… Well, another lesson on why you should make sure you do things when you can – a few years ago there was a devastating wildfire there and yes, this garden was affected. Bruno and his family are safe and report that they are rebuilding the garden. He created a garden path with wonderful wood sculptures at every turn. Some will make you laugh, others are poignant and some will make you tear up ever so slightly. Meanwhile, click on the link above, toggle it to the full screen and enjoy. When I need a quick break from my everyday I find this link to be quite refreshing.

2. Elizabeth Gilbert on Creativity I have been a fan of Elizabeth Gilbert since I read “Eat, Pray, Love”. I enjoyed reading the book so much I requested as a holiday gift the audio of the book so that I could listen to the words read by author herself. I have since read another book and continue to follow her. This is a 20 minute lecture she gave talking about nurturing the creative spark we all have. Well worth a listen, but I will warn you that there are many intriguing links to other talks on similar subjects that can keep you going…..Ted Talks can be quite addicting!

3. You Are Worth the Time The shortest of the 3, this is a 7 minute YouTube video that reminds us that no matter what is going on in our lives we are worth taking time to honor our creative muses.

Hope you enjoy these links!