Where To Go From Here ?

With a few posts under my belt I have been thinking about the direction for this blog. Basically, I have been thinking of it as diary of creativity ….. and life.  The two are intertwined – even though people are always saying that the have no creativity I truly believe it is like breathing – we all do it, but we don’t always recognize that we are doing it!

Personally I like blogs with lots of visual stimuli pictures, drawings and the like – most people are probably like me when it comes to that. It would explain the explosion of Pinterest! I have totally become one of the addicted ones – 1,000 pins and counting. Taking a look at all the different DIY/craft/recipes gathered it occurred to me that it might be fun to choose one to do and report on the results here. Especially the ones that ignited a creative spark and gave me an idea to explore. So, here is the first one I have started with……

First the original pin: Space Nebula T-shirt

Very cool – being a child of the 60’s I have long had a fascination with space. NASA, Star Trek, I loved all of it! This is done using a black t-shirt, spraying bleach on it (and then using anti-chlor to neutralize), adding different dye colors, splattering white paint and adding some larger stars. I could try this way, but I don’t have any black clothes to try it on, but I do have lots of white. So, maybe I can do it backwards – dye black leaving some area to add colored dye later, the doing the paint bits……The beginning of that idea has been dyed the first time…..

Still more I want to do to it, but it is a start! Stay tuned…


“I Matter” – A Request

I like to put signs up in my booth at an art fair – most of them are informational like my prices or photos of the piece on a model. But, I also love words and collect quotes. So, I have several different quotes that I pull out and place around the booth. At the Ann Arbor Art Fair I had a customer who really loved one of the quotes and asked where she might find a copy of it. Since I don’t always recall where I picked them up I promised to post it here:

When you tend to your surface, you are making a statement of faith. You are saying “I Matter”. You are saying “The world is worth dressing for”. You are engaging in the best kind of optimism, an optimism that propels you out of bed in the morning, that directs you to the day. When you put on nice clothes, you are putting on hope; you are saying “Here I am ! This is fun. Look at me”.    ~ Lauren Slater

A Mime, A Pig and A Drag Queen go to an Art Fair….

Fellow artist’s ask me about the annual Ann Arbor Art Fair. It is one of the higher priced and longest shows all year – is it worth it? Yes, sales are consistently good, but there is another reason to participate in the show – there are more unique experiences at this show than any other….

  First a mime came into my booth and proceeded to give us a private 5 minute show ‘talking’ about my art work. He liked my work so much he didn’t mime the heat!




A few days later I was talking to a customer in my booth and noticed someone behind her put her dog down. Only it wasn’t a dog – she was taking her pig for a walk. I think she said the pigs name is Lola.



Now here is an oldie, but a goodie. It has been a few years since we have seen him at the fair (we heard he moved to France), but another great thing that would come our way was the annual visit from Robert. He makes the most wonderful costumes, puts on roller skates or 6″ high boots (added onto his 6′ + frame) and takes a walk down Main Street. He doesn’t get very far, though. I have never seen so many camera phones! He always stops to talk to us and we look forward to his visit. The hours at the fair are quite long and his visit is a brief vacation. Thanks Robert.

So, there you have it – Ann Arbor is a unique show that can not be reproduced!

Thanks to one and all who came to our booth to shop, or just to visit! We loved seeing you!