A Mime, A Pig and A Drag Queen go to an Art Fair….

Fellow artist’s ask me about the annual Ann Arbor Art Fair. It is one of the higher priced and longest shows all year – is it worth it? Yes, sales are consistently good, but there is another reason to participate in the show – there are more unique experiences at this show than any other….

  First a mime came into my booth and proceeded to give us a private 5 minute show ‘talking’ about my art work. He liked my work so much he didn’t mime the heat!




A few days later I was talking to a customer in my booth and noticed someone behind her put her dog down. Only it wasn’t a dog – she was taking her pig for a walk. I think she said the pigs name is Lola.



Now here is an oldie, but a goodie. It has been a few years since we have seen him at the fair (we heard he moved to France), but another great thing that would come our way was the annual visit from Robert. He makes the most wonderful costumes, puts on roller skates or 6″ high boots (added onto his 6′ + frame) and takes a walk down Main Street. He doesn’t get very far, though. I have never seen so many camera phones! He always stops to talk to us and we look forward to his visit. The hours at the fair are quite long and his visit is a brief vacation. Thanks Robert.

So, there you have it – Ann Arbor is a unique show that can not be reproduced!

Thanks to one and all who came to our booth to shop, or just to visit! We loved seeing you!

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