Where To Go From Here ?

With a few posts under my belt I have been thinking about the direction for this blog. Basically, I have been thinking of it as diary of creativity ….. and life.  The two are intertwined – even though people are always saying that the have no creativity I truly believe it is like breathing – we all do it, but we don’t always recognize that we are doing it!

Personally I like blogs with lots of visual stimuli pictures, drawings and the like – most people are probably like me when it comes to that. It would explain the explosion of Pinterest! I have totally become one of the addicted ones – 1,000 pins and counting. Taking a look at all the different DIY/craft/recipes gathered it occurred to me that it might be fun to choose one to do and report on the results here. Especially the ones that ignited a creative spark and gave me an idea to explore. So, here is the first one I have started with……

First the original pin: Space Nebula T-shirt

Very cool – being a child of the 60’s I have long had a fascination with space. NASA, Star Trek, I loved all of it! This is done using a black t-shirt, spraying bleach on it (and then using anti-chlor to neutralize), adding different dye colors, splattering white paint and adding some larger stars. I could try this way, but I don’t have any black clothes to try it on, but I do have lots of white. So, maybe I can do it backwards – dye black leaving some area to add colored dye later, the doing the paint bits……The beginning of that idea has been dyed the first time…..

Still more I want to do to it, but it is a start! Stay tuned…


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