Something New on the Wearable Art Cruise: On Shore Trunk Show!!!! Galveston, TX Jan 11,2013

For the past 6 years I have been attending a wearable art lovers cruise where we have on board trunk shows open to cruise passengers only. They are very popular and this year we have more artists than ever. So, we decided to try something different- instead of having only onboard trunk shows we are going to have one at the hotel before we leave! So, if you are in the Galveston area come on by and see a really unique show. Several of the artist pieces are shown in the postcards above and short bios for all the artists is below.

And if the idea of a cruise sounds intriguing, we have already planned for 2014 – we will be leaving Ft Lauderdale on the Royal Princess on Jan 12. So, if visiting St Thomas, St Martin, Princess Cay in January  not to mention the special  parties and events just for our group sounds exciting you might want to come along. Just drop me an email and I will get you all the info!


Join the Hotel Galvez and the Cruising on Full Power’s “Artist Onboard” nationally acclaimed wearable art designers for an EVENING OF WEARABLE ART at the Hotel Galvez on Friday, January 11, 2013 from 7:30 to 10:00PM. Over 19 designers from Europe and the United States will be showcasing their wearable art and selling their unique  one of a kind pieces that range from funky and fun clothing and jewelry to handpainted silks, handwoven jackets and exquisite jewelry. Admission to this event is free.

For the past 7 years, a group of nationally and internationally renowned artists have gathered once a year to take a one week cruise on Princess Cruises. Seven years ago, Helen Weichman wanted to create a new market for artists while they took much needed vacations; this was an idea that has turned into a yearly Artist Reunion. The Cruising on Full Power, “Artist Onboard” cruises have grown each year as more artists and buyers hear about this amazing experience and join in this yearly journey.

Their next cruise leaves from Galveston, Texas on January 12, 2013. Once the historic Hotel Galvez was chosen as the pre-cruise hotel, excitement and inspiration started to spark! Artists and buyers alike were intrigued by Galveston Island and her historic hotel. What has always been a one night “before cruise” hotel stay turned into a “vacation before the vacation” at the Hotel Galvez. Creating an exciting EVENING OF WEARABLE ART at the Hotel Galvez was a perfect fit for this exciting hotel and the designers and their buyer.

Save the Date! Join us at the Hotel Galvez on Friday, January 11, 2013 at 7:30PM. Enjoy a great dinner and drinks at the Hotel’s wonderful Bernardo’s Restaurant before the EVENING OF WEARABLE ART for truly memorable evening.


Fiber artists:

Conjuring Rebecca Floeter California

Rebecca Floeter is a former stand up comic who worked with Oscar nominated director, Nicholas Meyer at Paramount Pictures. Her partner, husband, David Floeter is from Lake Houston, Texas. Their company, CONJURING designs art to wear knits and one of a kind art to wear jackets. She also has a line of art to wear designed for plus sized women. They also create CONJURING ETHNOGRAPHIC NECKLACES.

ArtWear Design Debbi Cooper Michigan

Michigan fiber artist Debbi Cooper has a unique line of art to wear clothing which includes handwoven textiles and hand dyed and shibori dyed wearable art clothing. Her focus is on creating interesting textiles for a one of a kind look.

Clothes Encounters Suzanne Armstrong North Carolina

North Carolina fiber artist Suzanne Armstrong creates fun and funky clothing under the studio name, “Clothes Encounters.” Hand dyed natural fibers and fantasy handpaintings create art to wear guaranteed to make you smile. Suzanne’s clothing can be found at juried art shows throughout the East Coast and this is the first time she’ll be showing in Texas.

Steel Pony Joanne Litz Pennsylvania

Nationally known, Philadelphia, PA art/wear designers Joanne Litz and Dennis Wolk have built the long standing STEEL PONY brand by following their own rules. Their distinct designs and uncommon flair blur the boundaries of haute couture and wearable art. Each piece is a handmade work of art, produced in the USA. Steel Pony is sold in the Galveston, Texas boutique…..

Journey Bags Leather Dennis Wolk Pennsylvania

Journey Bags One of a Kind Exotic Leather Handbags…Undeniably each bag fells exclusive, mysterious and beckoning…….When you see it, you will know it is yours….When you own it, you will always have something magical at your side.

Eileen Reed Pennsylvania

From her Downington, Pennsylvania studio, Eileen Reed creates one of a kind wearable art. Her career and reputation have skyrocketed since her handpainted and dyed clothing was featured in the magazine, BELLES ARMOIRE in the March/April 2005 issue. Although her work is highly collectable, she continues to design for comfort, versatility and beauty.

Jes Irie

Nationally known New York fiber artist Joyce Stewart joins the cruise for the first time with her elegant jackets designed to flatter any body type.

Jesamie Pam Bartl Pennsylvania

Jesamie Handwovens creates elegant, well tailored garments and accessories from comfortable, washable cotton yarns for women and men. Each piece is a work of art, handwoven and made one piece at a time.

Nine Dream Marbling Mike Kensinger California

Michael Kensinger has always been a craftsperson – candle maker, stained glass artist, woodworker and now fabric artist. The San Francisco Earthquake of 1989 influenced the direction of his art from glassmaker to fabric artist when his studio collapsed in the earthquake. Kensinger is now best known for his collection of handpainted marbled clothing designs. His collection of hand-painted silk pieces includes neckties, vests, shawls, blouses and capes. He says he has a niche in the art to wear work because he makes many things that are for men as well as women and that are gender neutral items.


Debbie’s Treasures Debbie Weisbord Smith New York

New York glassworker and artist Debbie Weisbord Smith works with a sense of fun lurking behind her creativity. Her work is a blend of elegant lampworked glass and stone necklaces suitable for any formal occasion, and funky and fun colorful pieces that are sure to make you smile. She has been showing her work at juried art shows and galleries for over 12 years and has collectors both here and oveseas.

Arlene Freed Designs Arlene Freed Pennsylvania

Bucks County in Pennsylvania is known for many of its resident artists. One of those artists is Arlene Freed. Arlene uses mixed metals to add texture, color and balance to her jewelry. She distinguishes herself as a “Jewelry Artist” not a jeweler She says the difference is, that a jewelry artist takes more chances and is freer in their designs and use of color and materials. Freed has won many awards and her work can be seen in many galleries across the country.

Eliza Baker-Folk Colorado

Colorado artist Eliza Baker Folk is know for her dramatic, glamorous and “Texas Sized” art to wear jewelry. She loves using intense color and texture in her pieces and she is influenced by the organic shapes in nature like Druzy, colored stones and other textures and unusual shapes. In her own words, “What do I love to do most? Big outrageous pieces, very glamorous, lots of color and drama!”

Shari Milner California

Shari lives and works in Inverness, California between the Tomales Bay and the Ocean. This setting inspires her creative work in her jewelry designs with semi-precious stones, pearls, silver, gold and glass. Shari is strongly influenced by the soft colors and shapes in her surroundings. It is reflected in her collection with flowing lines and evocative colors evident in her wearable art.

Jean-Marie and Juanita Havet California

At J.M. Havet Jewelry, French born Jean-Marie and Texas born Juanita Havet are constantly looking for new designs and techniques. They comprise a mix between French and Texan spirit, beauty and style. It’s quite an explosive combination of opposites. They handcraft metal jewelry using 14K gold, sterling silver, brass and copper.

The Whistle Lady Joan Anderson California

Joan Anderson, known as the Whistle Lady, is a potter in Oakland, California who creates lightweight, handpainted folk art whistles. Anderson’s whistles are also the inspiration for a book called, THE WHISTLE: A True Story of Friendship by Pat Heller and Peggy Vogelsinger. When best friends, Heller and Vogelsinger were about to be separated by a long distance move, Pat who staying behind asked Peggy, “What will I do without you?” Peggy’s reply was, “If you ever need me, just whistle.” And she gave her one of Joan Anderson’s beautiful whistles. The book has inspired people all over the world to buy her whistles as gestures to others that they are only “a whistle away.”

Jan Calligan Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdon

Jan Calligan lives and works in Aberdeen, Scotland, although her fascination with gems has takenher around the world. Her special area of interest is colored gemstones and she has made her primary focus the exotic world of uniquely cut semi-precious gemstone beads. She creates beautiful and intricate necklaces.

Jan Gaunce New Mexico

Jan was raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she absorbed the art, the diversity of the cultures, and an appreciation of ancient origins. Jan‘s beads come from all over the world — Thailand, Tibet, Africa, Persia, China, Indonesia, India and the Americas. Some of the ancient beads include 60,000 year-old amber, 2,000 year-old Roman glass, fossilized shell, mammoth and dinosaur bone. She mingles old beads with present day silver from the Hill Tribes, glass, semi-preciousgemstones and fresh water pearls. There is a signature bead in each necklace — usually either a small bit of turquoise or an antique red white-heart glass bead from Kenya. Each necklace is one-of-a-kind. She still lives in New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment.

Must Have Accessories

Joyce Williams joins the Artist Onboard artists this year with her eclectic jewelry collection.

Glitzy Gal Glass

Washington DC glass artist Nancy Wasserman created funky and wonderful glasswork for adorment or for the home.

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