Cruising on Full Power – Galvez Hotel Show

When we arrived at the Hotel Galvez we were greatly impressed with the high quality of the grounds and building. For a hotel built in 1901 and a survivor of multiple hurricanes it was in impeccable shape.


The ballroom that was to be our show area presented some interesting challenges-especially without my usual show props. Among one of the challenges was a lack of lighting. The hotel offered to rent us a floor lamp and I took them up on the offer. After playing with several places to put it I finally decided I got the most light by putting it on top of the table. Then I decided I would use it further by clipping my bamboo socks and silk scarves to the lamp. It really worked quite well!


We had a bit of time between set up and the doors opening for the show and some of the guys got a bit goofy:


Dancing with the mannequins!

It was a very nice show. We did notice several shops around town with our postcards so it was no surprise in talking to many of the people who stopped by that they were locals.

The next day we boarded our ship and set sail for Roatan, Belize and Cozumel. I will be writing about those stops along with our Cruising on Full Power get together’s, parties and shows.