White Bamboo tunic – now available in black!

I received 50 yds of black bamboo and could not wait to tear it open! If you are not familiar with bamboo as a fabric you really owe it to yourself to search it out! The fabric drapes and feels like silk, but you can gentle cycle machine wash them. They also naturally resist wrinkles and absorb moisture, wicking it away from your body to keep you cool and dry.  I make the body out of the bamboo and the sleeves are a silk gauze that has been sewn to create bubbles in the fabric. They really are great to wear to look (and feel) pulled together and comfortable this summer. This week I have made 5 new tunics and they are ready to be painted. The ones in the picture I made  in January and they all found new homes at the Galveston show. Love the way the paint looks on the black! The plan is to have lots of these available for my first show in July in Ann Arbor! I have lots of ideas for different things to do to these to make them wonderful . If you have any ideas for designs you would like to see, feel free to leave a comment!