Luggage tag or Name tag – A Tutorial

I have been cruising with the same core of people who love and/or make wearable art for the last 7 years. Our numbers run from 50-70 cruisers every year. Since I have trouble with names I suggested name tags. Of course I was requested to make them and I tried to do something different every year. On cruises since your key room card is also your charge card it really is the only thing you need all day. So that I could be free from my purse every day I decided to combine the two and make the name tags also able to hold the key card to our room.

Since this would be our last time in this format I decided to take it one step further and create luggage tags that could be used to remember our good times. I had some decorator fabric samples that made perfect fabric for these tags. We also had one 4 year old join us and I bought him some monster fabric. That is the one I photographed for the tutorial.


First I cut a piece 7″ X 6″ which I then interfaced with a light interfacing. Then I cut it in half for 2 pieces 31/2″ X 6″.





The next piece of fashion fabric was cut 3 1/2″ X 5″. I had two templates that I made the same size from cardstock. I cut a square hole 1″ in on the top and bottom and 7/8″ on the sides. The other had a cut out 1 1/4″ on the sides and 1 3/8″ top and bottom. I then used these to chalk on the wrong side of the smallest piece.


Cut out the inner rectangle and then make slits in all 4 corners to the second chalk mark.


Iron the flaps back. Turn one of the shorter sides back about 1/4″ and iron. This will be where your info goes.










Place the plastic down on the machine with the window on top right side out. Sew all the way around the window. Trim the plastic to about 1/2″ from sewing. I found that using my teflon mat from my free motion days to make this step much easier as the plastic tends to stick as you are sewing around and the sheet really helped.


Put the top and the bottom pieces with the snipped ends right side together and sandwich the window/plastic piece in the middle. Starting at the bottom of one side sew all the way around leaving the bottom open. Clip the corners and turn the whole thing right side out.


I like a fairly stiff tag, so I cut this really stiff interfacing (almost the weight of a sheet of cardboard) a bit smaller than the sewn and turned tag and stuffed it into the middle before sewing up the bottom. You can sew up the bottom without this step.


I found that a larger crochet hook helped with turning the corners. I know I have one of those thingys that you can buy, but I can never find it and I always can find a crochet hook.

The final step was to punch a hole and put a brass eyelet at the top to attach a string to. You can buy kits at craft stores that have the punch and the brass eyelets. I was making these right up to the last minute and don’t have a picture of the totally finished piece. I put an extra long ribbon on them and these became our name tags/room key card holders. Everyone loved them and several people wanted to know if they could buy more. I didn’t want to make them for sale, but I said I would put a tutorial up and they could make one themselves. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email artweardesign@comcast. net.]






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