Hi! I made this for you before we met…….

Sounds strange. I made this for you before we met.  I read this on another artist’s blog (whom I owe an apology to as my computer dumped the post and I don’t remember who wrote it) and……..

the phrase kept rattling around my brain – I made this for you before we met. YES!  When I am sitting at the loom or choosing which colors to dye my thoughts frequently turn to who I am making these clothes for.

Sometimes I see someone who really enjoys wearing clothes that you can not find at a big box store, but is shy about getting too wild. Perhaps it is her job – many have dress codes, spoken and unspoken, or maybe buying a quieter piece of art is just her way of expressing  individuality.

Other times I see someone who enjoys throwning caution to the wind and just wears whatever makes her happy on that day. She is a free spirit who usually goes for the bright colors and wild patterns.

This is one of the joys of creating clothing for you and keeps me going. Not every piece I make induces this reaction, but it happens often enough that I wanted to share it with you.

Thank you for this privilege.