Warp Painting with Lanaset Dyes in 10 Easy Steps!

I originally wrote this post a few years ago….in a blog land far, far away. Since this is my new ‘home’ I am recycling some of my favorite posts. Enjoy!

First I want to say: OBSERVE ALL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS – ie. no eating or drinking, use a mask to make the dyes, wear old clothes and rubber gloves…..

1. Wind your warp as usual. Mark every inch or so of the warp (depending on the design you are trying to achieve). I like to use tyvek squares marked with numbers tied to one end of the warp

2. Wash your warp using a drop of synthrapol – make sure you have protected the warp with plenty of ties

3. Make your soak bucket. I add 105 g citric acid to 4L (1 gallon) of water. I prefer citric acid to vinegar because of the smell (citric acid has none)

4. Put your warp in the soak bucket for at least 1/2 hour.

5. Mix your dyes – I like to use 5g/250ml water- that is I mix 5 grams of dye in 250 milliliters of water.

6. Lay out some plastic wrap on your table. Have your soak bucket at one end. Pull your warp out and lay it on the plastic wrap in order.

7. NOW THE FUN PART! Using a paint brush ( I like the foam ones) – paint your warp . I like to let serendipity take over at this point. The most important thing to do is make sure the underside warp is painted also – you may have to flip it over and check. You may also have to mop up any excess dye – I like to use cloth that I can process later to create something beautiful instead of paper towels.

8. As you continue to paint lay more plastic wrap on top of your warp – either a new layer or fold the sides in on top – the important thing is to keep the warp moist at this point. Roll it up as you go and pull out new warp to paint until you are done.

9. I let the entire bundle rest for about 1/2 hr or so – it can rest longer, but that is the minimum.

10.Then I place it in a steam basket and put into a pot of water- making sure it never touches the water and steam for 30 minutes. I let it rest again until it reaches room temp (this is the tough time to wait and see) and ***NOW FOR THE MAGIC *** unwrap – it’s like a birthday present every time!

Here it is on the loom and as I am weaving:







Tuesday Tip – Dyeing

OK, I know it’s Monday, but the Ann Arbor show set up is bright and early tomorrow, so I wanted to get this posted. I will be posting events that happen at the show, so stay tuned. If you are going, my booth is on Main Street (near Starbucks) #157 – stop by and say ‘hi’!

Once you begin dyeing it in inevitable that someone will either ask you to teach or donate your time to a group. I have done both over the years. I like to arrive with the dyes pre-mixed (with no soda ash). It took me many times of having the dye jars leak in transit before I found the perfect container:

Water bottles.

Finally a good use for these throw aways! I mix up 500-750 ml of dye at a time and put them in 750 ml bottles. Knock on wood, haven’t had one leak, yet! I mix up my soda ash to 3X the strength (I like 1 cup of soda ash per gallon of water – I put 3 gallons per container, so use 9 cups of soda ash)  and carry it in strong gallon containers (I have heard stories of milk containers leaking – so I like old tea containers like Arizona Tea). I carry everything in old, clean kitty litter containers. When I arrive it doesn’t take long to put the dyes out, add one of the gallon containers of soda ash to the kitty bucket + 2 more gallons of water and start the fun!

Woodrow Wilson Quote

I found this quote on another web site. It belongs to Jane Dunnewold and if you are a fiber art lover it is well worth a look. This the first thing on her opening page and it really speaks to me:

You are not here merely to make a living.
You are here in order to enable the world
to live more amply, with greater vision,
with a finer spirit of hope and achievement.
You are here to enrich the world,
and you impoverish yourself
if you forget the errand.

-Woodrow Wilson

Creative Caffeine

Creative Caffeine

Even when one is in the ‘business’ of creativity sometimes it can be quite difficult to muster up the spirit to create something new. So, I am sharing with you a few links that act like a triple latte to my creativity….

1. Bruno’s Art Sculpture Garden

http://sz0023.ev.mail.comcast.net/service/home/~/BrunosArt%26SculptureGarden.pps?auth=co&loc=en_US&id=1283&part=2 This was one of my must sees when I go on that trip to Australia – you know the trip I want to go on but can’t swing quite yet but someday… Well, another lesson on why you should make sure you do things when you can – a few years ago there was a devastating wildfire there and yes, this garden was affected. Bruno and his family are safe and report that they are rebuilding the garden. He created a garden path with wonderful wood sculptures at every turn. Some will make you laugh, others are poignant and some will make you tear up ever so slightly. Meanwhile, click on the link above, toggle it to the full screen and enjoy. When I need a quick break from my everyday I find this link to be quite refreshing.

2. Elizabeth Gilbert on Creativity

http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/elizabeth_gilbert_on_genius.html I have been a fan of Elizabeth Gilbert since I read “Eat, Pray, Love”. I enjoyed reading the book so much I requested as a holiday gift the audio of the book so that I could listen to the words read by author herself. I have since read another book and continue to follow her. This is a 20 minute lecture she gave talking about nurturing the creative spark we all have. Well worth a listen, but I will warn you that there are many intriguing links to other talks on similar subjects that can keep you going…..Ted Talks can be quite addicting!

3. You Are Worth the Time

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EaUb4zk0Ow The shortest of the 3, this is a 7 minute YouTube video that reminds us that no matter what is going on in our lives we are worth taking time to honor our creative muses.

Hope you enjoy these links!