Hi! I made this for you before we met…….

Sounds strange. I made this for you before we met.  I read this on another artist’s blog (whom I owe an apology to as my computer dumped the post and I don’t remember who wrote it) and……..

the phrase kept rattling around my brain – I made this for you before we met. YES!  When I am sitting at the loom or choosing which colors to dye my thoughts frequently turn to who I am making these clothes for.

Sometimes I see someone who really enjoys wearing clothes that you can not find at a big box store, but is shy about getting too wild. Perhaps it is her job – many have dress codes, spoken and unspoken, or maybe buying a quieter piece of art is just her way of expressing  individuality.

Other times I see someone who enjoys throwning caution to the wind and just wears whatever makes her happy on that day. She is a free spirit who usually goes for the bright colors and wild patterns.

This is one of the joys of creating clothing for you and keeps me going. Not every piece I make induces this reaction, but it happens often enough that I wanted to share it with you.

Thank you for this privilege.


White Bamboo tunic – now available in black!

I received 50 yds of black bamboo and could not wait to tear it open! If you are not familiar with bamboo as a fabric you really owe it to yourself to search it out! The fabric drapes and feels like silk, but you can gentle cycle machine wash them. They also naturally resist wrinkles and absorb moisture, wicking it away from your body to keep you cool and dry.  I make the body out of the bamboo and the sleeves are a silk gauze that has been sewn to create bubbles in the fabric. They really are great to wear to look (and feel) pulled together and comfortable this summer. This week I have made 5 new tunics and they are ready to be painted. The ones in the picture I made  in January and they all found new homes at the Galveston show. Love the way the paint looks on the black! The plan is to have lots of these available for my first show in July in Ann Arbor! I have lots of ideas for different things to do to these to make them wonderful . If you have any ideas for designs you would like to see, feel free to leave a comment!


Cruising on Full Power – Galvez Hotel Show

When we arrived at the Hotel Galvez we were greatly impressed with the high quality of the grounds and building. For a hotel built in 1901 and a survivor of multiple hurricanes it was in impeccable shape.


The ballroom that was to be our show area presented some interesting challenges-especially without my usual show props. Among one of the challenges was a lack of lighting. The hotel offered to rent us a floor lamp and I took them up on the offer. After playing with several places to put it I finally decided I got the most light by putting it on top of the table. Then I decided I would use it further by clipping my bamboo socks and silk scarves to the lamp. It really worked quite well!


We had a bit of time between set up and the doors opening for the show and some of the guys got a bit goofy:


Dancing with the mannequins!

It was a very nice show. We did notice several shops around town with our postcards so it was no surprise in talking to many of the people who stopped by that they were locals.

The next day we boarded our ship and set sail for Roatan, Belize and Cozumel. I will be writing about those stops along with our Cruising on Full Power get together’s, parties and shows.



Michigan Renaissance Fair – A New Booth!

As many people know I built a booth at the Michigan Renaissance Fair 27 years ago. In that time I have had one neighbor to the right and 4 different neighbors to the left. The last owner of the left booth was ther for over 15 years and we became friends. He would stay in our house during the run and we sometimes visited him in Chicago. The past few years have been rough for him medically and he decided to offer the booth to us at a very good price.

The booth needed a lot of work – the back storage room was in particular bad shape. So, we took it down and put up a new back room . Really spiffed up the place!

New Booth

New Booth

A bit of paint really helped, too. I found a packet of silver glitter at the paint store and added it to the teal paint. It gives a subtle shimmer and really looks neat especially when the sun hits it!The construction took longer than we thought (guess we aren’t in our 40’s anymore), so I didn’t have time to make enough stock for both booths. But, I had some stock from my stores and some pieces that I used for experimenting and that’s what is there right now. And I have put most of them at bargain prices! This will probably be the last year that I have this sale, so be sure to stop in and check it out! Turn left when you come through the front gate and we are about 6 booths down on the left – Booths #458 & #459 – Wear Art Thou.

New Booth Products!

A Mime, A Pig and A Drag Queen go to an Art Fair….

Fellow artist’s ask me about the annual Ann Arbor Art Fair. It is one of the higher priced and longest shows all year – is it worth it? Yes, sales are consistently good, but there is another reason to participate in the show – there are more unique experiences at this show than any other….

  First a mime came into my booth and proceeded to give us a private 5 minute show ‘talking’ about my art work. He liked my work so much he didn’t mime the heat!




A few days later I was talking to a customer in my booth and noticed someone behind her put her dog down. Only it wasn’t a dog – she was taking her pig for a walk. I think she said the pigs name is Lola.



Now here is an oldie, but a goodie. It has been a few years since we have seen him at the fair (we heard he moved to France), but another great thing that would come our way was the annual visit from Robert. He makes the most wonderful costumes, puts on roller skates or 6″ high boots (added onto his 6′ + frame) and takes a walk down Main Street. He doesn’t get very far, though. I have never seen so many camera phones! He always stops to talk to us and we look forward to his visit. The hours at the fair are quite long and his visit is a brief vacation. Thanks Robert.

So, there you have it – Ann Arbor is a unique show that can not be reproduced!

Thanks to one and all who came to our booth to shop, or just to visit! We loved seeing you!