Round Robin Purse finished! When does the Cruise start?

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I belong to a local group of exceptional fiber artist that have been meeting over 25 years. No president (just a moderator to keep talk on track), no treasurers report (we pay dues to cover expenses, but it is so minimal no one wants to hear month to month reports), no secretary (someone takes notes and sends out a newsletter)… it’s mostly about the art. We have a year long project which we share progress monthly. Lively meetings filled with lots of love and creativity.

This year we decided to make collage purses. Some decided they wanted other things (a box, a knitting needle holder….), but the basic rules were the same – we were to bring in all the sides to our pieces – fabric on both sides sewn shut with some light stuffing in the middle. Then someone took your purse home, did some technique to it and brought it back the next month when it went to someone else to work on. All in all 6 people worked on embellishing a piece.

I used some of my hand dyed cotton I had and gave the theme “Ocean Dreams”. I intended to make a basic purse with 3 pieces: front, back, flap. But as with all good plans when I got the pieces back they just didn’t want to go that way. Then I thought I might make a tote bag – but that just wasn’t totally working. So I used two of the pieces to create just the front of a tote bag. I am really pleased with the results and can’t wait to use it on the cruise!

WIth the third piece I did make a purse using it as the front foldover flap. Since I cut up a pair of old jeans for the body and strap I took the back pocket and added it just inside the purse. I had a tiny scrap of lace from my mothers wedding veil and really liked the look of denim and lace so that was my final touch. I am going to use the purse right away as I am considering adding a purse to my line this year and I want to ‘road test’ this design before going into production.