Michigan Renaissance Fair – A New Booth!

As many people know I built a booth at the Michigan Renaissance Fair 27 years ago. In that time I have had one neighbor to the right and 4 different neighbors to the left. The last owner of the left booth was ther for over 15 years and we became friends. He would stay in our house during the run and we sometimes visited him in Chicago. The past few years have been rough for him medically and he decided to offer the booth to us at a very good price.

The booth needed a lot of work – the back storage room was in particular bad shape. So, we took it down and put up a new back room . Really spiffed up the place!

New Booth

New Booth

A bit of paint really helped, too. I found a packet of silver glitter at the paint store and added it to the teal paint. It gives a subtle shimmer and really looks neat especially when the sun hits it!The construction took longer than we thought (guess we aren’t in our 40’s anymore), so I didn’t have time to make enough stock for both booths. But, I had some stock from my stores and some pieces that I used for experimenting and that’s what is there right now. And I have put most of them at bargain prices! This will probably be the last year that I have this sale, so be sure to stop in and check it out! Turn left when you come through the front gate and we are about 6 booths down on the left – Booths #458 & #459 – Wear Art Thou.

New Booth Products!